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Hiya the random unknown person , who is reading this thread :grin: this little ship is asking for help .
In short , I got hitten by a idea yesterday , and I couldn’t stop thinking about it…so you just need to vote on is it good or bad or okay for a Episode story :upside_down_face: simple, right?

Psh…even if it’s bad, you can’t use the same story plot (copy and pasting and addingbsome things) these ship will bake you

the story plot

Okay , so there is a MC (girl) who have a brother and a best friend , the story starts *with her waking up in the morning , and going to school and then job , while she was returning home , she catch a bus towards home , but the bus got caught in accident…the tragic and horrible one , MC thought she was gonna dead , but she opens her eyes and saw herself in her own room :upside_down_face: and her brother saying that it’s a Saturday , the day when our story started , she taught whatever happened was a dream and carry on…but same things happened , she is like in time loop , there is death , breath and repeat she thaught there is no way to get out of this mess , until she and her best friend finds a way…the way can make a free from loop , but only if she choose correctly , if even single people dies , she goes back in loop

I know , it’s not like well written , well developed :expressionless: but whatever.
If you think it’s not that good , feel free to tell me :grin:I would not mind
Okay so here we are at votes

  • Write it girl😉(it’s nice)
  • Blah, don’t write it😑 (it’s bad)
  • Maybe , it’s okay plot😕

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@xlilMissy101x :upside_down_face: you don’t need to vote if you don’t want​:joy:


too late :joy:


Thanks🙃 for voting
Everyone :upside_down_face:




:upside_down_face:you are melting the ship




Hehheheh😁it’s okay

I am ready if it’s turn out as not so good story plot😶


it will be fine! :sneezing_face::joy:


gives cake
Hope :crossed_fingers:


thank u :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:upside_down_face::grin: welcome welcome welcome


i mean its good but im pretty sure that a movie has the same plot


Oh…which movie :thinking: I will try to change it I I decided to write it​:no_mouth:


happy death day


Oh…I will see it :upside_down_face: and try to do not make the story copy of it
thank you for telling me🤗


Oh…I read it , and I think toooo​:thinking:. Hope I can make it a little different :crossed_fingers:


Bump​:confused::upside_down_face: anyone wanna give vote?:upside_down_face:


As other people have said, it does sound like a ‘plot copy’ therefore it may appear a little cliché to some readers. However if you work hard and approach the plot idea differently then it may turn out to be an enjoyable story. As it isn’t an ‘original’ plot, you will need to ensure that you don’t get accused of copying, in order to do that you would need to include many unpredictable plot twists and make sure your characters are realistic and well developed :blush:


Thank you for feedback :hugs: i am currently thinking about how to make it different and not copy :upside_down_face: I will rember this while writing


Thanks to all people who voted and help me :grin:
@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you close this too?
:blush: Thanks