Is it still possible to delete outfits/characters after they've been used in a published episode?

ok so here’s my situation:

after making an outfit, i decided i wanted to delete it so i could add it back under a different name (i also have several characters i want to do this for), but since it’s used in 2 of my chapters - both of which are published by the way - i knew i wouldn’t be able to delete it unless i removed it from my script… so i did. after doing this i expected the option to delete it to now be available… but it’s not.

this probably isn’t an issue that’s frequently encountered, but can anyone help?? :confounded:

you will have to change it in the script first

yeah i did this, i replaced it with a different outfit so it wouldn’t be in the script anymore

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then you should be able too

That means it still occurs in the script somewhere.

Use Ctrl + F to make sure it’s completely removed.

You need to make sure that you don’t have the outfit as the default on any of the customization for other characters as well otherwise it won’t let you delete the outfit.

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