Is it the Episode doing this or the authors?

But this is just you. It’s not the majority. Don’t assume that you are part of the majority. This app has a huge user base of people from various backgrounds, and maybe they’re impatient and can and will spend gems instead waiting whatever number of hours.

Quite a few authors I am friends with have added this in their stories and have seen decent results from adding this. That is increased gem revenue and higher retention.

Maybe you won’t spend gems but others might. It’s presumptuous of you to assume what others will do. A lot of users are adults with jobs who earn enough to buy and spend gems on the app.


I added this feature to a completed story which was trending #128 in thriller. It almost immediately went into the top 10 lol. Now it hovers consistently around the top 20 and has been as high as #4 :sweat_smile: but that was with the original beta costs. With the new rates, I’ve noticed that the amount of people paying has seemed to drop off (at least, across my stories). It’s still “working” but not as well as before.

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Wonder if episode will realise the people they need to cater to is actually the readers? Story qualities have dropped since limelight and this gem choices thing is ridiculous it’s a cash grab in the worse way wanting more cash without doing a single thing on quality.

I was spending gems until I realised I’m spending equivalent of nearly $50 per story that’s how much gems are worth no story worth that none. I know episode doesn’t care or authors but it’s already obvious when readers are dropping a lot aren’t getting payments like they use to.

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