Is it too late to change the title of my story?


My story is called Break Down My Walls (LOLLL) and its so cheesy imo and I want to change into something shorter and cooler like “pandemic” or “outbreak” because its a zombie apocalypse story. Is it too late to change it now??? I really need feedback on this so any advice is appreciated


@episodereaderfan you can but, on the episode writer portal on a computer.


Of course you can! Just make sure to notify your readers!


oh i know how to change it but would it scare off the readers i already have?


how many reads do you have? I’d say change it, but if you have 100 000 reads maybe not


yay that means i can definitely change it i only have 4k reads


Lol I know it doesn’t relate to this but can you send the link to your story…


yeah I would change it if I was you because it’s important to be 100% behind your story, especially cause the name’s the first thing people see. and I don’t think you’ll lose readers


if you end up reading it let me know if i should change the title or not and what could be a better title (i’m so bad at this lol) :slight_smile:


Dude I love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sob: your story sooooooooooo much and I only read the first one but since the start I liked it lol I don’t care if you change the story name I just love the story


thank you so much :smiley: but in all honesty does “Pandemic” sound cooler than “Break Down My Walls” ?


Sure :slight_smile: I would still read it


tysm for reading! also this question is off topic but did you find some of the scenes too violent for episode guidelines? Im only asking because i don’t want episode to take it down lol


I only read the first one because of the passes but I would tell you when I get them and read it :slight_smile:


tysm :heart:


It’s nothing lol


To be honest, I would probably skip over it with its current title (like, if I found it randomly in the app) but I would give it a chance with the name “Pandemic”.


haha lol