IS it TRUE that *game*

Yes ofc!
Is it true you watch Louie’s Life?

Is it true you replied to this after the sun went down?

Yes, and it’s like 1AM right now. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: And I oop-

Is it true that you’re a cutie patootie? :wink:

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No comment :smirk:

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LMAO :joy:

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Is it true that you love school?

No, who told you that? :joy:
Is it true that you eat spiders?

Lol nooo I’m scared of spiders lolll.
Is it true you cry whenever one of your fave characters die :((

No… maybe. I only cry on the inside. :grin:

Is it true that you’re not good with coding on Episode?


Is it true that you’re an introvert and hate people

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Maybe yes maybe no… Not sure :no_mouth::sweat_smile:
Anyways, is it true you haven’t had bath today ?

lmao sorry,this was the first thing I could think of :sweat_smile::heart:

Yes :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2::eye::lips::eye: (don’t come for me lmaoo)

Is it true you have a sweet tooth?


is it true that I hate you