IS it TRUE that *game*

Yes! haha!
Is it true that you’re tired?

is it true you are bored AF

Is it true you like cheeseburgers?

I have always wanted to try one :pleading_face:
is it true you are athletic?

Yes (somewhat :weary:)
Is it true you like anime?

is it true you have never tasted any other foods besides your country’s native foods?

Is it true that ur favorite color is purple?

yes how the heck did you know that ? :scream:
is it true you like episode

Is it true you play choices behind episode’s back?

I did not understand

I’m asking if you play the game choices too

Absolutely not. no offense to them
Is it true that you’ve played as your opposite gender as the MC in Episode?

Is it true you prefer romance movies over comedy movies

Is it true your a digital artist?

No ( I wish :pensive:)
Is it true tomatoes is a fruit?

Is it true water is wet?

Yes ( I think so)
Is it true that you’re making a new story on episode?

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yes :sweat_smile:

is it true that ur guilty pleasure is mafia stories :eyes: :skull:

Yes ( sometimes)
Is it true that your favorite sports game to watch is soccer?

Is it true you hate gem choices in episode