Is it weird to start a story in INK?



This is gonna sound extremely stupid, but do you think it’s weird to write a story in INK? Personally, I love Limelight, but I’m not sure if Limelight will fit the vibe of my story, but I could be wrong. For some reason, I like INK no cc, and I want my story to be no CC (I’m still considering CC though). Thoughts? Is it weird to start a story in INK when it’ll eventually be ditched for Limelight?


It’s not weird to start in INK at all! INK is still and always will be a very loved style. Besides it’s your story so you can decide which style fits best.


No, not at all. I write in both styles and when starting a new story, I usually decide which style will suit what I’m going for the most out of the two. Even with LL stories published, I still plan to make some new ones in INK


It’s not weird at all! Some people still love ink and you don’t need to worry about it being ditched, you choose the style you want to write with!


It’s not weird! My first story was in Ink. I branched out into Limelight, after seeing the potential updates.


Thanks! I personally love Limelight clothing and hair, but I just love the ‘vibe’ INK gives. What should I do then?


I love LL too! And the INK vibe is understandable! Use what you think is best for your story! If you think one looks best in INK then do it in INK!


Thank you!!


It’s definitely not stupid to start a story in INK! You do you boo


Hope this helped you! Good luck with your story :hugs:


Definitely not !


Not weird! I think a lot of people have switched to LL because it offers a lot more by way of unique character designs, but INK will always be a beautiful style that’s close to our hearts!


Probably the best option


I write in all styles… and theres strength in each and every one of them


The major problem with this is LL is still under development but will be progressing regularly whereas Ink is discontinued… There may be an update coming up where you regret choosing the discontinued style.

All of my stories on Episode started out in Ink (delete button, where are you?! :triumph:) but I transitioned all of them except one to LL. Even though LL is my favorite art style, I feel like having this particular story in Ink captures my imagination better (same for my LL stories, huge factor for me.) It has everything I need except some animations & clothing that even LL doesn’t have either.

I’m pretty sure I won’t make another story in Ink but open to it. I most likely won’t need to anyway bc I have 4 Episode stories to work through before the next style comes out. I even have some story ideas I’m waiting to write until then as well.

I did feel like it was too late to revive my Ink story. It’s definitely not weird. People are still writing in Classic (that is so outdated) but still making it work. What I’m doing for all of my stories anyway but specifically combats the lack of updates for Ink is custom animations (maybe custom hairstyles & clothing but definitely will be brief & not as often + I’ll need assistance bc I suck at drawing lol.) Just follow what feels right. :sparkles:


No it isn’t! I’m creating my 6th story on Episode and it’s going to be in INK. Just because Limelight is used more now doesn’t mean it’s weird to write a story in INK.