Is it worth continuing my story?

I did this before with the last story I was working on and I got constructive feedback and was hoping for some help again :slight_smile:
Some key features are that it has a male MC, CC, choices matter - multiple endings, also it’s a comedy :sweat_smile:
Comedies are quite subjective and I was wondering if someone could read the first half of the first episode and tell me if they actually find it funny and if it is intriguing enough so that they would continue reading, not just because they have to.
I would also like to hear you thoughts on the plot as I have tried to think of something that isn’t overdone.
The plot: Male MC is Rowan and works two jobs as a stripper and care home worker with aims of becoming a firefighter. Throughout the story there is going to be choices which will gain firefighter points and this will determine if Rowan becomes a firefighter in the end or not. Some things that I am going to include throughout the story to keep things interesting is an LI (optional) and that he hasn’t told his family the complete truth of his job. I also intend to explore Rowan’s past of bullying and some sort of major life event that made him want to become a firefighter.

Again this is suppose to be a comedy with some aspects of drama and I intend for it to be a short story as there is only so much I can do with the plot ( however if you think of any suggestions, I’d like to hear it :wink: ). A final thing I would also like to know is if I am trying too hard to funny yk, then it’s just cringe.
In return for feed back, I will be willing to read your story if you have one.
If you’re interested reply with your opinion on the plot and I will send the link to my story before the end of the day :slight_smile:

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The plot sounds cool! Family not knowing is definitely going to bring some funny situations The description of the story feels more drama-y but as long as your story uses it to humour the audience then its a comedy. If you feel unsure I’d recommend reading or re-reading some comedy episode stories and/or absorbing other material in the comedy genre; it’ll give you a good feel of it so you’d be more confident and its great inspiration! I hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’ve read quite a few comedies on episode and the funniest ones are usually INK but people don’t really read them anymore. The funniest LL story I have read is probably my big oh. Anyways, would you mind reading the first half of the episode and tell me if it is genuinely alright and funny? It’s ok if it’s not tho :upside_down_face: I’ll dm you it if that cool.

what’s the story name and your username? (if you’ve posted it) I’d like to read it
You don’t often get a male mc and the comedy and OPTIONAL LI (makes my little aro heart smile) is right up my alley

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There are some people reading INK still . but it depends on which story .also i read INK . INK is still my favorite .so i know how INK was written but there are INK readers who loves INK still from this day and author out there making more INK @idontknow1

Hey, don’t let constructive criticism rain down your mood and dont let that stop you from continuing your story.
Some people may not like it, so what? You have other supporters to keep supporting your story. Even if I have only one supporter, then I’d still continue my story for my one supporter. :blush:
And honestly, I’m a simp for comedies myself, and the plot is also intriguing :eyes:
So, I’d love to give it a try :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yeah idm I’d love to review it :blush:

Thanks so much, sending it now :slight_smile:

To be honest, I love constructive criticism, I feel like it enables me to make the story best it can be as other people notice the little things I don’t :slight_smile: Sending it to you now.

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