Is it worth continuing?

Hey guys!
If you are reading this. I want a honest answer :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope that’s settled…

So in this forum I want to discuss some important things I guess…

So I am currently writing my story called “The Hidden Secret” it is mystery drama, so it contains some alot of stuff that can be sensitive and serious. But I just think the idea of my story is kinda cliche so that sets me off.

In this story a detective named Suzy Williams needs to find a missing popular girl named Stephanie Jordan. When she is about to find the person who she’s looking for she stumbled upon an unexpected history, she learned more about the victim, what she found can drastically changed the story into some serious matter. So basically she learned more about the victim, what she found was: Stephanie has a lesbian lover named Louise (she’s also popular btw) they were happily inlove. But stephanie was already engage to a man (for business) so she wasn’t happy.

I can’t really say all of the details because it is really complicated…

So on to the topic I am going to discuss about…

Along the way, while I am writing my story, I am slowly losing interest to my story, which I think for my choice of plot is too much (since I am just a beginner.) I only started writing at May of 2018.
I think the reason of losing any interest on my story is because I am always busy I don’t have a time to write, my life can be pretty dramatic so I have to sort that out… Losing motivation to write since I am always busy I can get very tired after and the fact that some of my request in this forum (art request to be exact) can make my time wasted because the owner or the maker of overlays or background or basically art request doesn’t respond that much, so it is a struggle. It takes up at least 5 to 10 days to respond or maybe never (I know that some of them can’t respond because of them sorting out important matter etc. But please inform us immediately, So that some other people including myself can move on on another thread to request.)

“Why can’t you just request to another thread?” You ask? It’s because it does take up alot of time researching for a good art (I’m quite picky when it comes to art, I just want what’s best for my story don’t sue me or anything.) after researching from every thread I am drained too tired to do anything which kinda bugs me out.

But in summary, I’m slowly losing interest on my story, I don’t think I can’t quit because I am thinking about the art that I requested to some other artist that completed it. It’s like I’m throwing their art out after they put aloy of good effort in it. So that’s where I am stuck…

So my question is.
Do you think I should abandon my story?

A honest answer will be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:
Any suggestions?

P.S: I am not ranting or complaining, or if this thread seems BS to you it’s not. Because this is what I’m experiencing. I’m just letting it out here and hearing your thoughts. No drama please.

How many episodes are you in? If it’s nearly the end, I think just finish it.

If you still have a long way before the ending, you should scrap the story. Because if you continues the story, I think you won’t be able to finish it. Maybe you’ll get stuck or the ending will be bland.

Is this your first story btw?

Yes it is my first story…

And I am far awaaaay from the ending.

When I mean far away from the ending meant not even close to the ending :sweat_smile:

Have you published the story?

Nope. I’m literally at the beginning of my story.

Pathetic I know.

I guess, I have never thought of having a writing partner…
Thanks for your suggestions though! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nah not pathetic. I’ve been there many times. If you’ve completely lose hope with your story, scrap it.

But if you love the concept of your story,
start planning the plot more detailed and each episode, what will you put in. Write down your plan and story plot so you won’t forget.

How is the beginning, when is the climax, how'll it end?
Those are some question you should have in your story

And like CallmehLee said, maybe you can look for a writing partner if you don’t mind working with someone else. You can exchange ideas and opinions too!




Thank you for your opinion @Aihira144!
I might follow your suggestion but I’ll think about my story too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wait seriously???
I thought it will be cliche though :sweat_smile:

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No problem, glad to help :wink:

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You can scrap it if you feel its not going to go any where or you could take a step back for a bit put it oh hold and do a different story maybe a easier story line. You can always pick back up on the other story when you get a idea and tack it off hold. But I get the hole life gets in the way or not really knowing were to go with the story.


I think so. Though I’ll think about it for a while and when I decided my choice I will get on with it…

Thank you for your suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:


I will!
Thanks for your consideration :slightly_smiling_face:

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