Is Love Yourself shelf has chosen wrong people to feature?


State your opinions, and keep it on topic ladies and gentlemen.

1- One of the stories was discontinued I was like “LMAOOOOO” jsjsjendebsn
2- I’m so happy for Swinter And DrippingMascara :dancer:t2: They deserve to be featured
3- SILENT NIGHT is awesome and deserves to be featured
4- Angie is a punk seems nice, I haven’t checked it full but I think it deserves to be there
5- Other stories were full of romance :upside_down_face: 13RW sh*t :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


I believe the discontinued story was taken down and replaced?

I haven’t read any of the stories so I can’t comment lol. For personal reasons, I try to avoid stories that discuss depression and/or suicide so until I know for sure that a story doesn’t discuss those topics, I won’t be opening it.

I will say that for a shelf called “Love Yourself”, there do seem to be a few stories about finding love to make the depression go away (and it doesn’t work like that). But as I haven’t read any of the stories, I could be wrong.


Yes I think it’s taken down but it was too funny to unsee :joy::joy:

I didn’t read half of the shelf due to romance… Ummmm wheres the mental health awareness, hello?? :roll_eyes:


That’s not the first time that Episode has featured a story with “Discontinued” in the title :speak_no_evil:


The book therapy 101 was getting so much hate i don’t know why.


I haven’t read it but I’m curious to know if anyone ever reached out to this girl privately to discuss the issues in a mature way?
It’s pretty easy to get very defensive when you feel like everyone is attacking you.
I’m not saying that what she did was right, but as someone who once deactivated over an issue which could have been resolved privately in two minutes, I can understand how she feels, especially if no one had previously contacted her about her mistakes. (It’s a different story if they had and she chose to ignore it.)

Also, she’s not the one who chose to put her story on that particular shelf. I haven’t read the story so I’m not defending her, but I do feel that the whole thing got a bit out of hand.


Oh yeah i was reading a part where a character said Laquisha should go back to her ‘hood’ and I did find it quite racist since I’m a black girl myself and sadly I’ve heard worse in stories targeting not only black people but people of colour.


Wish it was just a line, the whole story is problematic. Mental illness is not humorous, unless you’re on that one of those strong anti-depressants. She should rewrite the story in a more serious way


I understand that but did anyone tell her this privately?
I mean if someone reached out to me and said “Hey, I understand that you’re trying to write a story that deals with mental illness but you really haven’t portrayed it respectfully and a lot of your information is inaccurate and hurtful” I would have locked it and revamped it. I’m just curious to know if she had any idea that her story was problematic before it was featured.
Like I said, completely different story if people have tried talking to her about it in the past and she just ignored it.


I don’t know about that part, but I’m sure she received many reviews, somebody must’ve pointed it out.


She reactivated her account. I had a quick look at the reviews/shoutouts she was tagged in and so far I’ve seen four that said she addresses mental health issues in an understanding/appropriate way. Of course, she could have untagged herself from the bad reviews.


I think they did a great job.
I’ve only read Wasted Roses & reading Celebrities so I can’t comment on the rest of them :slight_smile:
They’re very good.
I love the romance & mental illness combined. Really good job to the authors.


I agree with @EliseC If you don’t agree with how see writes her story you talk to her PRIVATELY and tell your opinion in a CONSTRUCTIVE and MATURE way and you don’t go BULLY her and just say her story is awful, she is only 16. People have feelings too. And I don’t think she making a joke, it’s just a story with humor but now the characters have mental illnesses. She is not mocking the illnesses, she is trying to inform people about these mental illnesses in a not heavy way. Some of these lines in her story could have been removed or adjusted but then you SAY it to her, you go NOT BULLY her.

And what @brvnda said, a lot of stories have that, and I mean A LOT of stories, and some of these are really popular but nobody said anything about it. And if you want it changed just tell her, that would be a lot more helpful! And what @Toriblack said, that’s an example of what could be adjusted or removed.



In your post you were talking about your stereotypical “ghetto” black girl.


People process mental health differently.

I for one am tired of seeing mentally ill people constantly shown to have a serious sad life. The story that you all don’t agree with shows mental illness is a way that is quite honestly refreshing.

Humor, if you don’t know, is a coping mechanism used by quite a lot of people who suffer from a lot of different mental illnesses.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a look and laugh at yourself! And not be remind once again about how crappy and depressed the world makes you feel because you’re different.

And honestly… if you don’t like one story… move on the the 8 others episode choose. That’s why they picked multiple stories, everyone has different tastes.


I don’t agree with you. None of my therapy sessions has been recorded visually. That leads me to the thought that the author never experienced something like a therapy in the first place. Imagine a cis hetero person saying that they understand LGBTQ+ about representation. It’s impossible. You can understand it mainly, but never can relate, therefore a person with mental illness, such as bipolar, wouldnt cuss every scene. (know it from irl experience my sisters boyfriend was a patient in a mental institution) its usually seasonal, and it makes cheerful too! Sometimes at least… Again, a person tried writing a story that revolves around mental illnesses and therapies but never went to one nor tried to educate themselves. Seems pointless to me :woman_shrugging:t2:


I’m sorry but if someone is being racist and ableist, I can’t pity them. Although I also think it would’ve been better if this handled quietly, but, the author’s latest post doesn’t seem like they intend on apologizing. So… :woman_shrugging:t2:


I agree with her, as someone who suffers from depression and has GAD, including mental illness running my family. Also currently on antidepressants. I see a therapist too, and it’s already depressing to know there’s something wrong with me, and it’s a struggle caring for my relatives that are bipolar and schizophrenic. But I don’t want to live a miserable life because of it all, so I try to be a silly goof ball, and be light hearted about the situation. Because really what can you do?


I feel ya, but less humor and more representation would be a hundred times better.


I guess we would just have to agree to disagree, while proper representation is best. To me it leads people to feel pity for us, and that is something I don’t like. Because then I’ll get treated differently, and not in a good way.