Is my account hacked? Please help ASAP

Hi I was wondering how the location thing for your device worked because I think I’ve been hacked but I’m not sure. It said when I was about to add a topic that a draft was being edited on another page. Then when I went to look at the security and who was logged in it showed a different city from which I live.

So I was wondering if it just defaults to the closest big city to where you live? Or if I really am hacked because I have already done the two step log in and logged out of all devices so I’m highly confused.

If you have any information that could help me figure this out it would be appreciated to know ASAP.

Ik sometimes with me things like this it just shows the closet area you are in. If you are afraid of being hacked just change you password then u will be fine.

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Thank you for the information and advice I think it was just a small computer glitch.

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I get that alert if I have more than one Forum page open in different tabs.

May be