Is my art good enough for commisions? Help me decide! 💚

Hello, community! :hugs:

I need your help! (again) :sweat_smile:

I’ve been doing a digital art since March 2021. And I’ve been thinking about comissions.
But I wanted to ask you if my art is good enough or I need to develop it more! :art: :framed_picture:

And I will not start comissions for some time because I’m not an adult yet.

Here are my best works! Please help me and share your opinion!

My art!

I even added a poll if you need!

  • Start doing comissions when you’re an adult, because your art looks amazing.
  • Don’t start doing comissions when you’re an adult, because your art is not good.

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Kiki :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:

Now, I am gonna be honest. your colering is good, but the proportion is not, I wouldn’t do it at your skill level, I also seeing your doing some obvious mistakes, in how things work,

example chain here who, its just stopping not attached to anything, which is unlogical in art.

beside many people who pay for commission usually go for really good artist, I mean like super realistic kind, from artist there been doing art in forever. so you might not get many commission at all.,

also wanna note you cant sell anything like this, if you sell art it has to be 100% by you, no tracing at all, no using others’ art to draw after,


Hey! :green_heart:
Thank you for your opinion! I think I still have a lot of time to improve then!

This chain ended there so I tried to make it as long as possible. Maybe should have tried longer. :thinking:

This one is not traced. I just used different technic with outlining. I don’t like to trace anybody as it is some kind of stealing.

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tracing and outlining is the same though. your drawing over an existing picture, using it to make your art. that is what tracing is

I meant, like I made a rough sketch, then outlined it and when coloring, I did not blur the lines I had from the outline. :sweat_smile:

Hello there! At your level of experience, I personally think that your art is amazing! You started digital art not long ago and already, you have some decent knowledge about shading, colour picking and posing. As a fellow artist, I applaud you for reaching this level in such a short amount of time!

I believe that there are some people that would be willing to commission you, however because the digital art community is very competitive, getting customers might be more difficult at your current skill level. I would advise you to simply keep improving for the time being. I’m sure by the time that you become an adult, you will gain a wider following if you publish/advertise your progress because potential customers will enjoy watching your artistic growth ^^

Please keep going!


Hey! :green_heart:
Thank you for your words and opinion! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Of course I plan to keep drawing for people that way I can improve! Every opinion matters so much! It motivates me so thank you again! :green_heart:

But I learned one thing recently: Don’t take more than 1 - 2 art at the moment. :joy:

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No worries! I’m happy to hear that you’re motivated to grow more :laughing:

And I agree with that statement :rofl: Working on more than 2 art pieces can be draining so please take it easy, artists need rest to create!

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I took 5 different art in February. :joy:
Now only 1 is left, one in waiting list and 2 more is giveaway prizes. (From January) :joy:
I don’t know how to say no.

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That is a lot of work at once :anguished: If you have trouble refusing, I would recommend that you mention to your client a longer deadline so you have more time to complete everything, especially if you have a pile of requests :rofl:

I usually mention that the deadline is 2x longer than what it is in regular circumstances, in case something happens (getting sick, personal issues, etc) so you don’t feel rushed to finish them. Especially since you’re not getting paid for creating art at the moment, give yourself some space to breathe :blush:

That’s a great advise! Thank you! :green_heart:

And that’s quite hard right now cause I have exams AND I feel bad for not doing them faster. :pleading_face:

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It is pretty good in my opinion but I think some things need a bit of work like the facial features. But you only started in 2021? Wow! I mean that’s really good progress, if you keep working you’ll be even better and better. So keep it up!

Hey! :green_heart:
Thank you for your opinion!

And I knowww. I hate drawing noses! if eyes and moth are getting bettter then noses isn’t! :pleading_face:
And I can’t find any good tutorials too. :sob:

Yup, my dad got me an Apple pencil in March 2021 so I started trying to do something. I got a tab year before but didn’t think that I will start become interested in digital art. I was amazed by amazing people in community so when I got the pen, I started trying. And here I am.

And I will try! Thank you for your support! :green_heart:

I understand that feeling all too well :smiling_face_with_tear: If you ever need help with art related stuff or just need a friend to talk to, feel free to dm me ^^

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She’s new at it and a lot of beginners use tracing and outlines. Even some of the best artists use out lines and tracing but you wouldn’t know because they aren’t going to tell you…

@KikiMoon I think with more practice with proportions and outlining you’ll be able to do commissions.


I know Nothing wrong with tracing in itself. But selling trace art. Or trace copyright art is.

Of course! Thank you so much!
Btw do you have Instagram? :green_heart:

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Hey :green_heart:
Thank you for believing in me :pleading_face:

And none of these art are traced. I started to learn how to draw with tracing but soon enough I ended because I just didn’t like it. :hugs:

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i personally think that, with some improvement, yes. you could start commissions when you’re an adult.

continue practicing until you’re ready, and feel like you’re confident enough to start taking commissions.

Hey :green_heart:
Thank you for your opinion!
I plan to practice more as summer is coming and I will have a lot of time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: