Is my art good enough for commissions?

I have been contemplating this for a while, and I was wondering what you all might think. For a while, I’ve been thinking of doing general art commissions (for non-episode related things) to raise money for my future (either for college or a surgery that’s going to have to be done or better drawing supplies.) Down below I’ve given some examples of my art and a poll that will send your votes anonymously. I made it like that so that you wouldn’t have to hold back with your honest opinions. If you also have something I could work on, let me know!


  • It’s good enough, go ahead!
  • I think you should practice more first

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I think they are pretty good, I really like the first and last one

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Thank you! Those two are my favourites.


They’re really good! Do you have an Instagram account? If not, I would recommend getting one!

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I don’t, but thank you for the recommendation. I’ve been considering it since I don’t get any recognition on tumblr. ^^;

I think it would be easier to do commissions on Instagram. If you gain a lot of followers on Instagram (which I think will be easier for you since you have great art) you can start commissions like a lot of other episode Instagram accounts. :slight_smile:

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A small bump since more feedback would really be appreciated

I’m by no means an artist, and I’m not super familiar with how commissions work, but I would say to go for it! Your art’s really beautiful and detailed, especially the third one down. I think plenty of people would pay to have something like that created; same goes for your other pieces, too! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your art is amazing! I love how clean and precise your art work is. This is definitely commission-worthy.

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