Is my Double Life story idea good?

Hi everyone.

I’ve never written a story on here before (in fact the one I am writing currently is only at 2 episodes) but I was wondering if you could tell me if my idea for the contest is good?

Idea: By day you’re a sweet, kind student with a perfect boyfriend and amazing grades. But at night, you’re the towns deranged serial killer who preys on young men. How can you make sure you aren’t caught?


Is the MC a bad person? i.e. is she a serial killer just because she likes murdering people, or because she’s being forced to do it, or…?

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yeah that sounds like it matches the contest! also it sounds interesting!


I am not sure yet. I just wanted to know if the idea was good lol :sweat_smile: What do you think sounds better?

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I’m going to be honest with you, and I’m not trying to be disrespectful in any way, but I don’t think creating a story about a serial killer who kills for their own pleasure is a good idea. I’m personally not a fan of mafia stories or any other stories with toxicity. But if there’s a background on why the character kills, it could work. I avoid these kinda stories in general, but I know a lot of people love them, and this is just a personal preference.

If you want to write a story about someone who feels no remorse towards murder, eh, go ahead. Just keep in mind that a lot of people even below the age of 11 read Episode, ignoring the fact that the app is 13+. These people can get influenced really easily, and it can grow a positive mindset inside their brains about murdering people. I know it’s all fiction, but it’s not healthy, and they might not realize that they’re being influenced. They’re kids, they’ll believe what they read. This is why a lot of mafia stories are getting hate here on the Forums. They glamorize toxicity, and normalize mafia behavior, and are portrayed as good people when in reality, they’re not. They’re absolutely disgusting in real life and don’t do good to this world. But it leaves a good impression on kid’s minds because of these stories.

I’m aware that your story isn’t about the mafia, but it’s still about murder. Please just be mindful of what this does to people’s minds :relaxed:


Yeah, I agree with @nuha.episode

Maybe, instead of a serial killer, she can be a spy?


I like your idea. This could be an interesrting story. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree…maybe you can write that at night, she works as a secret agent , or like a detective… (not exactly, but maybe sth heroic like this…)
But anyways, your story idea is really unique :blush:

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i’m all in with the serial killer idea although you may want to avoid making your character too violent, Episode is a pg 13 app. the only thing i don’t like is this part-

-i’m okay with it if the MC has a reason and is a very complicated person with many layers to her.
i personally think your idea is very different than what most people would consider an ideal MC it makes your story distinctive and that’s always a good quality to have :purple_heart:

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Hey no worries this is not disrespectful at all! I haven’t read any mafia stories but yeah I see that they get a lot of hate on here. Honestly I forgot that episode is for kids too because I’ve been reading horror stories lately which is probably why I thought of this idea :joy: I thought it’d be cool to have an MC who is on the other side of the law (like the anime Death Note idk if you watched it or not) but those are not stories for kids. I think I’m just going to continue with the story I’ve been writing on my own which is a paranormal romance. I appreciate the advice btw :smiley:

Oop sorry by young men I meant 18-25 because I was going to make her a university student so that’s how she found her “targets” but by reading other comments serial killer might not work so if I do this, I’ll have to try something else. Thanks for the advice though!


You probably don’t know this as you said you haven’t read mafia stories, but having an MC on the wrong side of the law is kind of over-used (not trying to be disrespectful, this is just what I feel :sob: ). But your paranormal romance story sounds really interesting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Omg you’re not disrespectful. The way you’re replying is really sweet :heart: Also thanks!

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okay my take on the serial killer thing is that it’s fine. i already have a story that’s centered around a serial killer and an assassin and people seem to like it and both characters love killing people. it’s not glorified and their actions are not justified by things like a “moral code” or “past trauma.”

i personally just find it annoying when these serial killer MCs or violent MCs tend to have things that justify their behavior to make it seem like they’re “good” when they really are not and usually stop reading a story when that happens lol.

i think your idea about the serial killer who seems sweet and nice but secretly preys on young men is a unique idea that you should consider writing!


Thanks so much for your thoughts!

yes i know! :purple_heart:
But targeting anyone just doesn’t sit well to me.

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Ohh okay no worries! Thanks for your opinion

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of course ^^ good luck on the contest! :purple_heart:

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I think it’s a good idea. This is probably repetitive (lol), but make sure to justify the MC’s actions :))

It’d be an interesting plot overall.

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