Is my Double Life story idea good?

It’s totally fine to have a bad guy as a protagonist. Anti-hero is a very common trope in media, look at shows like Breaking Bad or Sopranos. A lot of people are saying to justify her actions - which you can - but I don’t even think you necessarily need to do that. She doesn’t have to have some deep, dark backstory about why she does what she does. Some people are simply bad. What you SHOULD do, is make sure you are not glorifying her actions, and give the audience someone to root for. If you make her a sympathetic character with good qualities and storylines, especially in her “normal” life, people will root for her despite her killing. If she isn’t a good person and this also comes through in her “normal” life, that’s also okay. But you need to give the audience someone to cheer for, whether that’s the detectives working the case, a potential victim, etc.

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Thanks for your opinion and advice! I appreciate it :blush:

it dor sure matches the DL theme.
Im be carefull to not overdo the killing - to keep the story in guidelines and appropriet for +13 readers.

So, I actually disagree w this, the issue w mafia is that the mass killings are romanticized. Therefore influencial to teens.

However, c’mon, a thirteen yr old knows being a serial killer isn’t ok. I just think u have to b careful abt how much gore u show, however, Ik multiple contest entries that had mc’s as murderers & they won the thriller contest. So yeah, I think this story is a good idea & it fits the theme, just b sure to show the killing in a negative light. :cupid:

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babes I get your point, but the thing is, I’ve heard people who live and breathe and have said that they wish they could get into a relationship with a mob boss purely because of how such characters are portrayed on episode and other apps like wattpad. These people that I’m talking about weren’t really young, so you can see why I’m saying that it has an impact on the younger audience.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from writing stories with characters on the wrong side of the law, but please just be careful about how you make them look. And considering most of these stories have submissive women/men and are in a relationship with each other solely based on lust is kinda…not right?


You should make it like the MC kills the bad, bad guys… kind of like the show Dexter

Yes!!! I love the idea

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