Is my first artwork ok?

I decided to make some art for a competition I entered. I found a picture and copied the pose and shading

I’m warning you!!!

It’s meant to be like a moon-girl? holding the moon. The picture I used for reference is

Btw This is my first piece of art

Please rate it and give any tips, I am welcome to anything and I won’t find it offensive!

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Work on the lips, nose, eyes, and hair. So far its a work in progress and your very first art piece! Practice makes perfect! :100::clap:

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That looks nice, especially for being your first! Great job! I love your creativity. I like how you used a reference without directly copying. That’s the best way to do it. I recommend adding definition to the nose and lips and adding some texture to the hair. Adding some more, shading, highlights, and details might help. Keep practicing digitally and traditionally and I know you’ll improve. I can see your potential. I have a thread dedicated to art tips, so feel free to check it out if you want some more tips! You’re doing great! Don’t give up!

Here’s my thread with specific tutorials on eyes, lips, noses, hair, etc:


Thank you!

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No problem! I hope that helped! :blob_hearts:

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The second one is AWESOME

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