Is my story a cliche or just boring

A seventeen years old homeless cambion with rare heterochromia found sleeping in the woods by a girl, and she’s willing to bring him home….years later after learning about his nature, she leaves him and start hating on him and one day he told her ‘‘I’m also human’’ but she didn’t want to hear it, then one day she missed his fun and tell him how sorry she was,

I can’t say anymore, Is it a cliche or its just boring, tell my what you think

by the way, the part that is in italic , I didn’t write that part yet in the story, I want to know if its too cliche :smile:

i dont get it :eyes:


A homeless boy that was sleeping in the woods was founded by a girl and she brings him home and start becoming friends and all that, years past…she founded out his nature and she kicked him out of her home and start hating on him, she was sad, confused and angry about it and many weeks later after spending her life without him, she missed him, so she went and look for him and tell him how sorry she was


and i oop-
sorry im just dumb :crazy_face:

i would read it :relieved:

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some early chapters are short


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After reading can you give feedback? :smiley:

wow I would def read this

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