Is my story good enough? 💞( please reply! )



Hey y’all :revolving_hearts:
I am currently working on my story for the thriller contest
And ofcourse as I have a really tough competition I would like to be settled with a good plot!
Here’s the details of my story - ( please leave reviews , tips and constructive criticism)

:black_circle:️ Tittle : Thriller : Seeing Red
:black_circle:️ Cover -

:black_circle:️ Description :
One mistake leads to a string of murders and as the secrets unveil themselves the next scream you hear might be your own! ( cc, choose your gender, choices matter! )


The description totally gives shivering :sweat: next scream you heard might be yours :neutral_face: I am gonna get bad dreams today​:joy:
Cover? I am not sure , it really isn’t giving those fearing spine , try adding a little thirller news in it (:confused:), :upside_down_face: but it maybe just me


Haha don’t worry, this story isn’t that scary LOL
It actually has plenty of comedy in it too


deepbreath thank God :grin:


Girl why you delete it😑I am so curious now


No lol, I just wanted to ask is the description convincing and catchy enough?


Totally the description is catching and convincing :wink: (can’t say same to covers :sweat:, I should close ma mouth :zipper_mouth_face:)


Thank you! I will try and see if I could change the cover


If you don’t want ,don’t :hugs: at last it’s your story :yum: wish you luck for your story (to myself : now I want to entry too​:sweat:)