Is my story idea good?

Story Title: Royal Lie
The main character whose name is chosen is an estranged princess of the kingdom of Aspia. She is trying to live her normal life away from the cameras and attention. Her boyfriend breaks up with her because he doesn’t know that she is actually a princess. Her parents die and the kingdom asks her to take over as ruler. Her older brother can’t take over as ruler because he is gay and adopted. In order for her to become the ruler, she needs a husband, and a marriage with her childhood best friend is arranged. The boyfriend comes back in trying to win her back. When the mc rejects him he kidnaps her and her best friend saves her. After becoming ruler MC is determined to change the law then get the hell out of Aspia. The former queen and king never saw the mc as a person just the future ruler. MC never had any childhood. The childhood bff turns out to be a spy. He seduces her and a child is product of it. The enemy kigdom has a son and she is given to him as his slave. At first he is mean to her but then turns out to love her.


I like that plot :blush:

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that might strike controversy.


I am counting on it.

the bad kind. you should put a message at the beginning stating your story includes homophobia but you don’t condone being homophobic whatsoever. (at least i’d hope not.)

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I do not condone that behavior. I put that character in for the sole purpose to prove that being homophobis is ridiculous

Yeah, my story includes aspects of the LGBTQ+ community and I stated this in the intro. Some of my characters are scared to open up but open up in the end, which is telling other people who are scared to express their sexuality, that they shouldn’t be afraid of who they are.:slightly_smiling_face: Edit: It’s best to clear up any controversy before the story starts.

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