Is my story in the guidelines?

Okay so I haven’t finished this story yet because If it’s not in the guidelines I would’ve just wasted my time

My story is about a boy who’s mom dies causing his dad to become abusive blaming him for her death. It’s mainly psychological abuse and any physical abuse isn’t shown or it just cuts to a black screen then skips to the next scene.

Because of this the boy develops an eating disorder not to be skinny just out of self hate since he blames himself for all the abuse so he uses not eating as a punishment. The story has a teacher and some classmates who try to help him get better and he does attempt suicide but he survives, his dad disappears and he gets fostered by the nice teacher and the story ends.

The only descriptive bit is the self hatred and I was thinking of putting and option to skip the more triggering moments.

I’m still gonna put loads of warnings tho but if you think it’s out of the guidelines and have a substitute idea please say


Well for the suicide part, you can’t show any of it. Like you can mention it, but suicide is in the guidelines.
And I think a lot of with the abuse and stuff, as long as everything isn’t graphic you should be fine.
But just remember to keep everything appropriate for 13 year olds😊


Okay thanks and I’ll keep the suicide bit in mind :blush:


Mentioning the eating disorder is fine. In the episode story, “Bad Boy’s Girl”, Tessa, the main character had an eating disorder, from self hatred. I wouldn’t recommend showing the little boy throw anything up though. Also make sure, to not get too descriptive about his attempt to commit suicide.

I think your story sounds very interesting.


Thanks for the feedback and he doesn’t stay a little boy since main characters under 13 aren’t allowed but I’ll prob make him 16 or 17

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Okay. No problem!


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