Is my story too cliche?


I’ve been reading multiple posts talking about how annoying stories that revolve around bad boys, gangsters, and brothers best friends are.
I couldn’t agree more!
However, as I’m writing my story I’m afraid I’m writing those tropes without actually paying attention.
Now keep in mind, my story does take place in a high school.
Here’s a brief description of my story and I want you tell me if it’s too cliche or fits those descriptions.

This story takes place in South Korea,
A teenager; Dante Young, is harassed and beaten on a daily basis due to his weight and outward appearance. He tries to switch schools to avoid bullying. Then something unimaginable happens… days before he starts school he wakes up in a different body; a drop dead gorgeous body. Every time he falls asleep he switches bodies between his ugly and the new good looking body. The fact that he’s not used to being good looking and his overall social awkwardness builds for a hilarious context.
The story is a comedy. I wouldn’t consider it a romance.

That’s it, of course as the story develops it’ll ease into the how he’s able to switch bodies and the science/truth behind it. So it’s not some high school drama. In fact, it’ll be illustrated throughout the city rather than school. I mean, it’s pretty unique in itself because it’s from a male perspective and not some pretty yet nerdy/misunderstood girl.
I also implemented a bunch of hilarious antagonists and side characters.
The humor and context sets it apart from other stories, I think so anyways.

So what are your thoughts?
Is it too cliche?


hmm sounda good


I didn’t find it cliche :relaxed:


Not cliche at all! Haven’t heard of any Episode stories like it!


I don’t think it’s too cliche. It seems pretty original to me, actually


sounds good and i love the diversity


It doesn’t sound cliche to me.

Honestly I’m sick of the word cliche and I feel it gets thrown around too much. Almost every story can have “cliche” moments. I guess you can consider parts of life cliche. A lot of stories follow characters going through a certain point in their life.

Making it come to life and feel realistic makes people call it “cliche”. The high schooler who is late cough that was me often cough. Getting crushes on people you shouldn’t. The shy misunderstood character or the loud and outgoing character. These are all people who we usually have in our lives.

To wrap up this long ass comment/rant, I say do what you want. What you feel is right for the story or what you think fits. I wouldn’t worry about what others think, if it fits with your story go for it!


plot reminds me a bit of Lookism- do you read it? I’m curious haha

honestly, any idea can be cliche. any idea can be original. I’ve been told before that just about everything there is to have been done has been done, so it’s not what you write quite as much as how you write it. you can have an original bad boy gang mafia story. you can have a cliched anything. just write what you feel is right, and don’t worry about what others will think is cliche or not.


Yes! I’ve read lookism. It’s (obviously) my inspiration.
I just don’t want people to think the way I’m conveyeing the story as boring or comparable to the mass majority of stories on episode.
I wanted this story to stand out to the rest.


can I get an AMEN?!
crowd says “AMEN!!”


hmm… kinda reminds me of “the curse of charlie” :thinking: in TCOC, charlie changes looks too.

the difference would be that charlie knows why she’s changing bodies :woman_shrugging:t4: but other than that, sounds pretty good!


I don’t think the plot of your story sound “cliché”, but it’s really a matter of how you write it. A story can start out good but then turn into a cliché because the writer doesn’t know what to do with it. As long as you have a clear path/storyline planned out and know what traps to avoid I’m sure you’ll be fine.
The plot sounds really interesting and inclined for some really funny, messed up situations.

Clichés can be useful though, in small amounts, because we all know them, and secretly we often love them, They are familiar - parts of out own life that we can associate with - or a dream/fairytale coming true - something that isn’t likelly to be in real life.
Have too much of it though - ala secretly good bad boy falls for the good girl that’s a nowbody that everbody secretly think cute/are in love with etc- and even the best story can turn into a “run of the mill” in no time. as it becomes predictable.

To me, playing around with “clichés” is one of the most fun aspects of writing.



The story sounds hilarious! It doesn’t seem to be cliche in the context you speak of from the way you described it, so I truthfully don’t think it will be. :smiley: Good luck with your story!


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Not at all Girlie!! :grin::grinning:


It’s an awesome idea and very original, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any plot like this. It sounds like a really funny story and I really don’t think it’s cliche at all. Good luck with writing it! :grin:



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