Is my story too long?


Hold Up!
I’m writing my story and, of course, I preview it to see if everything looks perfect…
But everything ISN’T perfect. Just below where it says “Preview” it says all this…
Error: exception thrown: Runtime Error
memory access out of bounds,
And this blob of text for about… 11 more lines…


Refresh the page and it should fix it.
Your story isn’t too long, sometimes the web previewer is a bit temperamental :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think everyone has some sort of problem with it. Mine just continues to say ‘Downloading data…’ and it’s been like that since it first came out. Hopefully you can fix yours :crossed_fingers:


The same thing happened to mine. I refreshed, logged out, and restarted my computer. The error still showed up. However, when I previewed it on my phone, it was perfectly fine. I guess it’s just too long to preview on the computer or something. You’ll just have to open the app on your phone and look at it at the point where this error happened.
Hopefully this was helpful lol.


Thank you!


Thank you so much! I HAVE A BACKUP PLAN!!!


The real problem is revealed in my thread, check it out!


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