Is my story worth continuing? Brutal feedback needed (on half of the first episode)

I was wondering if anyone would be able to read the beginning of the first episode of my story. I can’t tell if it’s intriguing or interesting enough as I have read it so many times I feel like I have become immune to the story.
I know I should write for myself but I want to write to keep people entertained and something to look forward to. I don’t want to continue writing this story if it’s gonna be a flop as I have college from 9 to 4 every week day and work on the weekends and it’s too much time to waste if what i’m writing is bad and boring. It’s also on a cliche topic, but I was planning to add some twists to make it realistic but I need the beginning to be interesting enough for readers to get to the twists.

If you’re interested, let me know and I will PM you the link. It will probably not even take 5 minutes :slight_smile:
All I want is constructive feedback and whether you would continue reading it once published or if you found yourself clicking (at god’s speed) to get through it.

hey! id be happy to read it for you :))

Ahhh thank you so muchhhh, sending it to u now :slight_smile:

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i’ll be happy to help too! :))

Thanks, wasn’t expecting replies this quickly. Sending it your way now :slight_smile:

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I can also help :hugs:

Spendiddd!! Sending it to you now

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I would love to read your story too

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Im happy to give it a look and give you any feedback I may have.

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I will do it for u bae!!

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Hi. I would be happy to read the story.

sending you new version now :slight_smile:

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