Is My Story Worth Writing?


So I am coming here straight from writing fanfiction- One Direction specifically. I wanted to make a story that brought in a bad vs good boy dynamic that included Harry and Louis from One Direction. The main character has to make correct choices to finally at the end get either of the two boys. Would people even read it…?


I think its interesting, but you’re not allowed to make characters that already exist such celebrities on the app. I know it stinks, and I hate it too :weary:, but I’m just letting you know so your story wouldn’t get taken down if you did write it.


I had no idea- thank you so much for that. I needed to hear that.


No problem! I’ve seen other stories where one had like Katy Perry and I’m pretty sure they had to change it. Its just this whole legal thing idrk, but the ones with celebrities are the featured ones because there management made a deal with episode.


Oh alright- I get it. Thank you so much, love


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