Is ok to have YouTube videos of my story?

Like the title says, can I post episodes of my story to youtube?

  1. You can, because it’s your story and your work. (I haven’t seen any author upload their stories on Youtube, before? Only users who want to upload their fav author stories and did this without their permission, so the author would copyright strike their channel, and whatever else they need to do.)

  2. If someone else does this with/without your permission, check out the above thread comment by Sydney. (just in case if you asked this question as well.)


Oh ok thank you!
Yeah I wanted to do it with my story but I was thinking about the backgrounds and overlays I used from other creators and I was wondering if it’s still ok (with giving credit).

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Now for the backgrounds and overlays by the creators, you may need to read their terms of use before uploading your story. If it doesn’t allow it, then you may not upload it on Youtube because you are using their assets, some have updated their terms of use before users were allowed to upload things on Youtube.

If it does allow it, then you may. But make sure to read every creator’s terms of use before doing anything.

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Just want to remind you that, if you upload on YouTube you’ll get less reads on episode

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Oh Ok thank you!

Oh yeah that’s true!
Thanks for the feedback!

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@Avis you are only allowed to post videos with commentary. They can’t be play-throughs without commentary.

Oh, wow. @Avis nevermind what I said. :point_up:t3::point_up:t3::point_up:t3:

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