Is @pause for infinite loop a command?

someone tell me if @pause infinite loop or @pause for infinite loop is a command?

I’ve never used it or heard of it :woman_shrugging: What were you trying to use it for?

You can test it out, but as far as I know that you put:
@pause for 5
@pause for a beat
Worst case scenario you can just put @pause for 5000000000


I’ve used @pause for 999999 before and it works, I usually use it to preview a scene/make edits. I’m not sure if infinite exists.

No it’s not a command.

Not sure why you’d want to pause infinitely as it would then never get past this point so if you’re trying to pause a scene to work on it,
You can either pause for a long time by using a long number and/or just use a dialogue to pause on the scene and hide the dialogue such as:

And click the tool on the preview screen to hide the dialogue. And then just remove the dialogue when you’re done working on the scene.

i was gonna use it to edit a scene thats placed in the middle of my script

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I figured :slightly_smiling_face: You can just put a dialogue:

(It doesn’t have to say Pause. You can put Edit here. or whatever, it’s only to pause the scene.)

This will pause on the scene. If the dialogue is in your way then just click on show helpers, speech bubbles, show/hide and it’ll hide away. And then when you’re done editing the scene just remove the dialogue from the script.

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