Is posting full story at a time allowed?

Since I’m writing a story so I’m curious if we’re allowed to publish the whole story instead of just like at 3 chapters then 2 more chapters I’m too impatient to post like this step by step lmao so would I be violating terms if I post the whole story instead of releasing 2-3 chapters :thinking::heart::pleading_face:


You can publish as many episodes as you want, as long as it’s more than 3 episodes.
Don’t worry, publishing more than 3 episodes isn’t against the rules. :slight_smile:


Thanks :blush::hugs:

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many people do this actually, there’s no limit to how much episodes you publish your story with(besides at least 3 of course lol)

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Thank you recently I was writing story and then 2 days ago got to know that there was a same story already on the app I had to archive it and start from the scratch I always feel I would go against the terms and conditions and get banned :sweat_smile::woozy_face:

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nope, you’re all good! <3

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You can do that, but I don’t advice you to.

I did that with my story and kind of regret it…

Because I later learned that constant update can somehow affect with the ranking…

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