Is posting whole chapters videos from episode on youtube legal?

I was contacted by one youtube channel if I want my story to be featured there -

she basically recorded all episodes and uploads them as videos. So you can read the whole story without reading it in the app.

I don’t see the point in agreeing with this since reading on youtube brings me nothing in my story rating.

But It also seems to me like this can’t be legal towards episode since they are this way losing money from people who instead of reading in an app read it on youtube.

She claimed that it’s with the author’s permission but is it enough? Shouldn’t there be also episode permission?

So is it legal or not?


I think it’s legal.


I think its same legal as video games, so an empty recording just of the story is not, but talking cut something out and such are properly fine.

but dont quote me on this.


yeah I think the same - I watched just part of one video to get what she offers and it seems there is no coment not even reading it loud its just plane recording…


Honestly idk if it’s legal or not but I do know that it’s irritating a lot of authors because they are losing reads because of it. I think they should need Episode’s permission to post whole chapters on YouTube not just the authors but idk whether they must have it or not (:


For stories created by Episode, players can upload videos to YouTube as long as there is commentary. Videos cannot be just a recording of the story.

For stories created by players/community authors, this is up to each individual author if they want someone posting their stories with commentary on YouTube.

It is not encouraged to post videos of other users’ stories, as they may be subject to copyright takedown notices, which is the author’s right to do.


veo que si se puede hacer ,quisiera intentarlo con mis propias historias.


i donot think its leagal! but what about authors? their earning decreases because of this…once i have seen @ksenia.stories put a story about this! all of her stories were getting uploaded in youtube without her permission!

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I do know from experience as an author you can request YouTube to take them down and they will. It usually takes a few hours to pull them down, you just have to fill out a form after hitting the report button. I know people thoughtlessly put them up there trying to boost their channels but it really does affect the author and Episode. I had YT take down someone’s videos once and they tried re-uploading them and they ended up getting banned by YT-they couldn’t even follow YT’s rules.

When you upload content to YT you are required to assert that the content you’re posting is yours so they know they’re doing the wrong thing to start with. If you didn’t write the story you can’t post videos you saved on your phone without written permission.