Is Procreate Worth It?

heya! so i’m considering getting procreate for episode art / other art in general. rn im using ibis paint x, and it’s working fine, but i notice that many of the artists i look up to use procreate.

is there a noticeable difference between the 2? is one better than the other? is procreate worth the money? or should i just stick to ibis paint x? what do you use?

thanks for the help ! <3


Hi! I use Procreate and from personal opinions, it’s worth the money! (: There’s a ton of brushes, preset palettes, and a lot more features! You can also download more brushes and palettes along with making your own! :smile:


thank you for your reply, i appreciate it <3


I personally LOVE procreate! It is a bit more complex than other drawing softwares, but once you get to understand it, the outcome is amazing! There are many tutorials on how to use it, and the variety of brushes are amazing! In my opinion, 100% worth it. Especially since it’s only 1 payment of $10. I switched from ibis to procreate and I totally don’t regret it!


As an artist who has used almost every art program that’s out there, procreate is worth every cents! It’s most probably the best one I have found till date~ even when compared against the more expensive ones!

I mean…LOOK,

Not to mention the layer by layer animation-thingy


@mdrawzz yeah, i’ve already watched tutorials about it, but i’m just waiting to see if i should get it. thank you so much for your reply!

@girgitii thank you for the screenshots and your reply!

so far, it’s definitely looking like im buying it : )


I use ibis paint, but do you think procreate would work for me considering I don’t have a stylus? :two_hearts:


I personally have not used it without a stylus, but many people have and I think it works the same way, so I think you’d be fine (:


Okay! Thank you for letting me know x


Do you mean for your phone or a drawing tablet?

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I realised that because I do art on my phone, my option was Procreate Pocket, I bought it and I love it!


@viarose on procreate pocket I find that the outlining is a whole lot easier to get clean and precise, I haven’t practiced that much on it yet, but I’ve noticed that hard shading is super easy and effective on it! The brushes are so GOOD


that looks amazing!! I seriously love procreate and I still 100% recommend it!


Ty! And yes so far I’m loving it. The brushes it offers are amazing as well! And I like that you can get different palettes and add to the brush collection :ok_hand:


for my phone, i prefer using it rather than an ipad : )

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wow looks GORGEOUS! and thank you so much for your feedback, i think i’ll buy it later today!

Well I find that Ibis works just fine imo :sweat_smile:

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yeah, i have no problems with it, as i have it rn. i just wanted to know if procreate was that much better and if i should invest in it

I like it! but if you’re tight on money ibis is also really nice! for me, getting to add different hair and skin brushes really helped (you can add on procre), but both are great tools. these are some things I made on both (one’s unfinished)



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beautiful! thanks for your reply <3

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