Is Romance necessary in a story?

  • I will not read a story if it doesn’t involve romance.
  • I prefer it to have romance but it isn’t necessary
  • I don’t mind/it depends
  • I prefer that it doesn’t have romance but it’s okay if it does
  • I will not read a romance story.

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I am asking because I know the most popular genre on episode is Romance, but I want to see what you guys say.


Tbh, I don’t mind at all whether romance is in the story or not. Doesn’t bother me.


I don’t really care, but i don’t really read romance as I prefer stories to focus on an action/adventure plot. I also don’t really read stories that are labelled action but mainly based on the consequences of a romance, especially when they romanticise gangs etc. In all honesty, I only really get into male mc stories, so that eliminates 99% of romance stories (and all other stories on the app)

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I don’t mind it. It’s not going to stop me from reading a story. I read it if it looks interesting. If it has romance, so be it. If it has “Pregnant by my-” or a sexual cover, I won’t touch that story with a ten foot pole.


I too and I like fantasy story more and I going to publish it by this month I am working so hard on it so it will take time


Oh, let me know when it’s published. I’d love to check it out.


Ohh thank you for support I will start a thread when it’s published as my exams are going on I am not able to code it