Is showing a character commits suicide against the guidelines?

I saw it happens only in one old story;-; with pills. not showing them do it in a graphic way ofc.

I still don’t think that’s allowed.

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I feel like now you can’t even show the pills, something about not showing drug abuse.
I say keep it vague, and only show the pills with a skip option and leave a warning.


you can’t really describe it, let alone show it.


You can show suicide just like something bad with guidelines

I would recommend you to have the character recite a monologue or whatever they’re going to do, fade transition, and maybe add a picture of pills as a background. Just some ideas, sorry in advance if that does not work out for you!

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Hey, you’re able to do it, it just doesn’t have to be detailed.
For example, you can saw the depressed character, looking desperately on the pills, and then use :
sound scream_female
@transition fade out white 0.4

Also, before adding any scene that may make someone uncomfortable, you should always have a skip option.

The following scene contains teenage suicide.
Would you like to skip this scene?
goto after_suicide
goto suicide_scene

I hope that you find this helpful :slight_smile:

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Closed: Op @shaharPie marked as solved. :yay: