Is someone willing to draw this up for me? INK

-Olive skin
-Upturned feline eyes
-Dark brown eyes
-Black straight hair
-Refined nose
-Thin soft arch eyebrows
-Classic lips
-Ruby red lipstick

Thank you, thank you!
I am totally new to all of this.
I would greatly appreciate it and will be looking forward to the outcome.
When I use it, I will credit :heart_eyes:


Yay! So awesome of you Thank you!! :two_hearts:

If it’s possible to make it with a dark plain background, that would be great!
Have her in the center!
And it doesn’t have to say anything.
Cause I may or may not add my insta name on there later on. Haven’t decided yet!

Thanks again!!! :hugs:

Not a problem!!
Thanks for getting back to me :blush::two_hearts:

A splash! Will use it in my story and credit you once I’ve published!
And sure, waits down is perfectly fine!

Soft heart!

Not rushing you at all, but I can’t wait to see the final outcome!
I noticed your profile pic and background.
Not sure if you made those but wow, they look awesome :hugs:

You choose from the 3!!
I can’t decided and won’t know for sure what would look good!

Actually maybe choose from the first two. Not really feeling the 3rd one now that I’m looking at it LOL

SO. AMAZING. :clap:t3:
Thank you for taking the time to do this!
You’re super talented!!!
I will credit you once I’ve published my story!

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