Is that a glitch

Is that a glitch? I never placed overlay here. Why it’s like that?

Can you share the script for the opening scene?

not a glitch that is how the overlay look. the background has its own overlay,

But is this how it used to look? I remember something completely different.

@faithprescott, I just tested it and it shows up like this to me too. Weird. I guess you will have to submit a ticket :confused: Looks like I was wrong

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yes it has always looked like that its not a glitch

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I think you need to add your own overlay to remove that table.


Wow, it looks so weird with different chairs in the background :sweat_smile:

If anyone is interested, this happened to me about a year ago so I turned it into an actual overlay because I wanted it :sweat_smile:


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if the layer follows with the background you need to either add another overlay if you wanna remove it

or if you wanna use it do this


if there background has an overlay you can use it as an overlay too. you can even use the overlay on backgrounds there are not the its from

It’s always been like that (I think it’s a glitch, just one that’s never been fixed lol), but just add this overlay:
Adding any overlay will make the table disappear.

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