Is the app Choices any good?

I have been getting back into Pinterest a little lately and I noticed a bunch of fan art dedicated to the app Choices. Some of the comics genuinely made me laugh and some of the fan art is pretty high quality and there seems to be lots of it making me think that the app might be good.

I don’t really know about trying it however as I tried it once before and didn’t get through the first chapter. I figured it was an episode copycat and didn’t give it much of a chance the first time though. The characters don’t really move kind of like a dating sim so I was a little disappointed but the art scenes were obviously made by some really talented people so again idk.

I’m also wondering if the people who like it are just there for the drawings of semi-attractive guys who say nice things to you or if there are some actually good stories hidden in the app. I’ve seen fan art of both but mostly of the attractive guy thing.

If you use the Choices app or have used it in the past tell me what you thought of it . Are the stories really just that good or is it just about the attractive boys? I really don’t want to get three chapters in and realize that I wasted my time waiting for it to get more story orientated when in reality it’s just a glorified romance novel. I have no problem if other people like that gushy stuff but I would prefer story over it.

Is Choices worth checking out? Let me know.


I quite liked choices, and a few of their stories I really enjoyed. Every story is a gem choice story so you don’t get stories like on episode where you can just choose whatever you want to.
Sadly though my story progress for the app was wiped which was really annoying and after getting in touch and receiving no reply I deleted the app and haven’t bothered going back.


I liked choices. There was actually some interesting stuff there (like there was a LOT of interesting genres)

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hmm lets see… stories written by actual writers and adults who don’t use tired clichés for profit and clout all while utilizing diversity as a strength in their stories. Not to mention you won’t get those “please excuse my spelling” stories where the grammar is really bad and you have to read the sentence multiple times to make sense of it. Yeah I’d definitely say Choices is more than good. :slight_smile:


Also if you read Choices, you’ll find that their stories are more than just romance. Even if Choices uses a cliché element such as vampires they build and expand on it and add a layer of depth to the characters. Also they have plenty of focus on mystery/thriller aspects and there is always a subplot other than just romance. The gem choices are actually meaningful and worth it unlike spending 40 gems for an outfit choice. Also you don’t have to watch ads for each episode and deal with glitches. Try reading bloodbound for your first story.


I recommend reading ride or die :ok_hand: the title and premise might seem like a typical bad boy automobile story but it’s actually pretty deep and even imposes the “reality” of life inside the underworld. Not to mention the killer soundtrack (imagine 80s Miami heat). Definitely recommend it if you love drama.


I personally love choices! However, you can totes enjoy it better if you have gems…

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Yea, cause you can actually see a big effect on the story (I loved high school story)

Same :two_hearts: Because of hss I was able to discover choices :rofl:

Has is still my bae :joy::joy:

This is gonna get closed but–

I love some of their stories, Veil of Secrets, It lives in the woods/beneath and Bloodbound are my favorites. These are the ones I already read, they have other stories too, I reallyyy wanna check out Perfect Match but I don’t have time :sneezing_face:

The thing with Choices is… you can enjoy their stories without using gems. You really can. You don’t always get a gem choice, (unlike some stories on here that give you gem choices three times in one episode…) and if you do, they make sure you don’t feel left out. I only used gems in Veil of Secrets, Bloodbound and It lives in the woods and I really loved it. It’s such a nice thing to when you can enjoy stories


I love choices! :love_you_gesture::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::love_you_gesture:

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Ok so I guess the consensus is that Choices is a good app to check out. I will take the time to look at your suggested stories. I can’t guarantee I will like it after but it def sounds like it’s a lot more than I expected it to be so thanks for the replies👍

@Licorice completely agree :grin:

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