Is the Limelight Female Script Template on the Writer Portal Full CC?

Hi, I used one of Episode’s Limelight Female Script Template for the first chapter and I was wondering if it’s Full CC, like it updates and has every Limelight feature… Someone please reply, honesty appreciated!

Picture of Script Template

I honestly don’t know but for CC Script Templates, I tend to use this (it’s fully updated):

But that means I have to use my character and the family members all over again, I don’t want to do that, I just want to know if Episode’s Script Templates for characters are full CC… (Not being rude, I just want to know…)

No I get it, I can check quickly

It’s not fully updated -some eye colors, eye shapes, hairstyles and hair colors are missing


But does it automatically add it into the template?

Because I already added it into my chapter…

From what I’ve seen no- But since you already added the family members etc. I suggest you just use that template.

;-; I don’t have a problem with starting all over…

I really suggest using templates that were made by community memebers as they are regularly updated. Episode does not update it’s default template. you an use Dara’s as @Mya_M suggested or check @episodeaxiom on Instagram