Is the plot is good?

hi , so i had an idea for a new story but i would like to know what you guys think about it
Please do not steal

so it about two twins sisters that are the opposite until one day they switched bodies , lifestyles , lives , they Don’t know how to get their bodies back etc…

yeah ik it a little bit shity

feel free to share your thoughts , and to give ideas.

Are they identical? Because if you swapped bodies with someone who looked exactly like you, wouldn’t you still be able to lead the same life?

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yes they are identical.

it depend , but exemple one of the twin sister is rich and the other one is poor they wouldn’t have the same lifestyle.

Right but if they both want to go back to their old lives… wouldn’t they just be able to go back home and switch back? Unless of course one doesn’t want to switch back?

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you got a point , but what if one of the twin sister just moved in a far away country?

I like the idea of your plot, what about a separated at birth freaky Friday thing going on?


I assume they could just fly home and switch places unless there’s a good reason why they can’t? (I assume they know about their twin too?)

yeah like a Dangerous storm is coming that the authority would cancel any airplanes because of the storm ( after that the sister moved in the country)

yes they does

I really like that idea! It is smth different and i would really like to read it :slight_smile:

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Instead of adding external problems, maybe one of the twins doesn’t want to switch back. They would rather live as their sibling or smthn.


Seems like they could switch back easy peasy as others have said.

Do their parents live together?


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Well then besides one not wanting to switch it doesn’t seem like much would prevent them from switching

Also how old are they?

one of them wouldn’t want to switch back

23 years old

Maybe at first they both wanted to switch but due to something at work they had to stay away for a week or so and finish whatever and after doing so one realizes how much better the others life is and then they don’t want to switch to give it some reason.

it seem like an interesting idea !

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