Is The Royal Baby Slightly Plagerized?


There’s an Episode Original Story called the Royal Baby that’s featured on the app. In my opinion even though the pregnancy part is cliché the storyline is pretty decent and it deserves the praise it gets. I can’t help, but notice the dynamic between Felix, Sebastian and the MC is extremely similar to the later season dynamic of Mary of Scots, Francis and Bash (his full name is even Sebastian) from a fictional historical television show called Reign that used to air on the CW. Two brothers, a legitimate heir Sebastian/Felix against the bastard son of the King Felix/Bash along with the heir’s mother who dislikes Bash/Felix and MC/Mary and is trying to stop Mary/MC from marrying her son only for different reasons and uses court ladies (princess Natalie) to do her bidding. The only real differences I can point out is MC is not the Queen of Scotland and that they cut Mary’s group of friends out of the stories because MC is a socially awkward girl with zero friends, but who happens to be having sex with a prince who’s she obviously unimportant to because he fucking leaves her without saying good bye. I don’t remember if the king was in the story, but if he wasn’t that’s more plagiarism because the king eventually dies in the show which makes Sebastian/Francis king. And when Sebastian and Felix gets into a physical fight and MC breaks it up mirrors the scene where Francis attacks Bash for stealing Mary from him. You could argue the fights are about two things, but the context is the same. MC is marrying one brother and the other brother doesn’t like that. The start of the love triangle is similar too. Felix plays Francis’s role of being interested in MC as Francis was in Mary when MC shows up after following Sebastian to his home. Honestly it’s too similar to be a coincidence for me. All I can say is to exepct MC to team up with the queen to find the baby like Mary eventually teams up with Francis’s mother.


That’s a little freaky but not surprising tangled love was plagerized and instead of taking it down the author changed it slightly.


Oooh! What was Tangled Love plagiarised from? I know when I watched the K-Drama ‘Playful Kiss’, I saw a lot of similarities, but is there something else?


I saw it on the old forums about it being a rip off of Itazura na Kiss the author just changed it enough so it couldn’t be classed as plagiarized.


Oh! That’s the original manga/anime which became the K-Drama ‘Playful Kiss’! I was right!


I didn’t know it had a different name I went by the old forums think it’s wrong that someone’s hard work can be stolen. There nothing wrong with taking inspiration but when the characters and plot are exactly the same there a problem


I definitely agree with you on that! It’s not fair that these stories are stolen. I would hate it if someone used my plots in their entirety and tried to pass them off as their own. It’s a wonder that it’s a featured story, really.

Yeah! There are many Korean dramas that are actually adaptations of Japanese manga/anime. Often when they adapt these stories into Korean, they use English names instead of the original Japanese ones! For example, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ is a Japanese story called ‘Hana Yori Dango’!


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