Is the VIP subscription worth it?

Hey, guys!

What do you think? Is VIP worth it and why (pros n’ cons)?

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

:heart: Erosias

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I don’t have the VIP subscription but I’ll tell you why I don’t think is worth it.

The price is 14,99€ per month (I don’t know how much it is in $ but you can search it up) and in my opinion that’s really expensive and doesn’t have that much things that benefit you. Basically you get 350 gems in total (that’s the sum up of the whole month), pass-free reading for all the episode official stories + 2 extra passes a day, no ads and 2 gems per chapter completion and unlimited replays. You also can exchange 25 shards instead of 50.

  1. I personally don’t think 350 gems is that much as I don’t read Episode Original stories and with the new shard system you can get about 8 gems per day (free), which is enough for me to save up some gems to then spend them on community stories with the support the author option or other stuff. In episode original stories you have around 3 gem choices per episode and all of them cost around 17 gems, so 350 gems divided by 17 is about 20 choices you’ll be able to make there. If what you want is to use the gems to support other authors with their community stories, then it’ll be a little bit more worthy, but still not worthy at all as, once again, with the new shard system you can get free gems and with 8 per day I think it’s enough for you to be able and support some authors sometimes. Let’s remember the price is a little bit high (imo, I rather spending 15€ in other stuff).

  2. The pass free reading is just for episode official stories and I personally don’t read episode official stories as they’re (once again, in my opinion) trashy because if you don’t pay 50 gems per episode your character will be having to choose stupid choices all the time. Also they give you 2 extra passes a day but you can watch adds to get them recharged so why spend money when you can do it freely by watching some adds while you do other stuff like reading the forums in your pc/tablet or just watching the add (I don’t find it such a big deal).

  3. The no ads option could sound tempting but I don’t really mind ads that much. Some of them you can skip them, sometimes the add is 5 seconds long, you can do other stuff while the add plays… etc. So I wouldn’t spend money for that and I don’t find it worthy.

  4. Last but not least 2 gems per chapter completition and untimited replays. Like, what? I have replayed some stories about 3 times, how many times do people want to replay them… 50?! Also the 2 gems is for episode official stories chapter completition so once again I don’t find it worthy because I never read them (because as I said before, if you don’t pay gems you’ll have to choose free options like “ignore your love interest for the rest of the story”).

Hope this was helpful, and even though I don’t find it worthy, I repeat it’s my opinion and every opinion is valid. Maybe other people will tell you they love the subscription but for me, that’s not the case.

Thank you for reading! <3


Wow! Thank you for sharing your opinion, it was really helpful! I have to agree with the statements you make… It’s pretty expensive like you said and you don’t get what you payed for exept if you love reading the official stories :heart:

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Of course, I love writing on the forums! <3

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i get unlimited pass for the same price for all stories user and episode, no ads and 2 gems a day

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It’s not worth and it’s already been said instead the offer is $21 and I had one for $30 which included pass free for community stories it’s a giant rip off.
There no benefits at all when you could purchase more gems or passes for a lot less.



I lived your opinion but tbh when you said you read a story three times…I would like to read stray heart (LL one) and other of my fav stories even 100 times if it was possible…:joy::joy:…No offence…But I really liked your explanation…You think a lot like me and as for starting ads…You can just close the app and open it again after a few seconds and there are no ads…That’s what I always do…:joy::joy:


Lmao thanks! Also, I personally don’t like repeating stories that much because there are really good stories out there I’d love to discover. However, I love re-reading a story I loved months later because it feels amazing after that much time to read a story I read a long time ago.


There are two different kind of vips one for episode official stories and one for all stories. The one for episode official stories is not worth it at all. The one for all stories I have mixed feeling about because you get a ten gem welcome and then 2 gems per day, no ads and no early access on anything. so if your a big episode reader I would say go for it.


True, the VIP amethyst is more suited for me however it feels like you don’t get any gems 🥲