Is their anyway to make it look like a character is pin against the wall?

I’m trying to have a scene where the lead character get pins against the wall by her future boyfriend and they have a conversation at the same time is their anyway it’s possible that it could happen? If anybody could help me i would appreciate

Probably overlays. That’s my best bet.

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What kind of overlay?

You’d have to make em like using the full character body and adding limbs to change them

Story; Fine Line
author: ebonni

Limb overlays. Honestly I think I’ve seen someone use overlays, but I can’t figure out how they did it!

Random fact, once you get better at coding and you know a bunch of stuff, you can look at an advanced coder’s work and figure out what they did to achieve that. And when you find something new, it’s also really cool!

Back on track, yeah, so you need to upload certain limbs from your characters to make it look like she’s pinned to the wall. I’d probably make it for her arms or below her head. Just cause it seems the easiest to code.

Okay thanks

Yea no problem

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