Is there a chance for new writers to win the contests?

Episode contest winners all seem to fit under sort of the same criterias, such has having atleast a few hundred reads, and being already a published author.

I just went through all the winners in the Magicka contest and all the authors have atleast already published one other book.

As a new author hoping to enter in the new Squad contest to gain exposure, would it really be worth it? And do you think that it is true that they pick winners that alr have published books? Have u seen a winner that posted their first book and won a contest? How often is that?


I don’t think it’s necessarily impossible, but it is very, very difficult.

But I think it’s still worth it to enter the contest because it helps get your name out there. Win or lose, if you promote yourself properly on Instagram, people will see you while looking at contest tags or maybe even stumble across your story while looking for entries. It’s great exposure.


So technically I don’t fit under this category since I had another story published prior to my entry for the Magicka contest, however I was a really small author with only about 500 total reads over 16 chapters of my first story. I definitely think it’s possible, though I haven’t paid much attention to the statistics of winners. I only entered the Magicka contest with the intention of boosting my reads and not really expecting to win at all, so even if that’s all you end up with it’s definitely worth entering!


There is 100% chance to win a contest if it’s your first story, I don’t believe episode would disqualify a story just because it was someone’s first.

But perhaps the reason most winners have an already published story is because by the time they write their first contest entry, they have that experience to make their story a little better. They’re already used to writing. I think it ties in with the phrase “practice makes perfect.”

I think the only disadvantage you have as a new writer is that you don’t have as much experience with the writers portal. But you can definitely still win if you have the skill! Just be sure to let people know about the story, encourage them to read it, have fun while writing it, etc.


If you mean new writers as if first story ever then realistically, no. Not to stereotype, or discourage new writers but the average first story is almost always dialogues with ‘stands/enters/exits screen center/left/right etc. I think it’s a really good first step for beginners, but when you look at contest winners, all of them has advanced directing, minigames, custom overlays, good promo and an already existing fanbase from previous stories and experience. It’s not impossible, but it’s close to zero impossiblity to be honest.

Unless if the writer has scrapped/unreleased stories. Don’t be discouraged! Practice makes perfect :blush:


What are the contests? I’ve been playing Episode for a long time and seen a lot of stuff about contests but don’t know what they are actually for? What do you win? Is that how people make stories for Episode?


You can make stories any time you want, but if you enter a contest, your story has to fit the contest criterias. If you win your stiry gets featured on the shelf in Episode for awhile, though Im not sure how long. You can see the last contest winners on the Magicka shelf in Episode!
People do this for exposure for their stories


It’s kind of like a community-building thing.

Anyone who wants to enter can create a story going off the contest prompt, but they have to publish before the deadline (normally a couple months) and follow any other rules listed in the contest announcement thread. People are usually pretty supportive when it comes to reading other entries and different takes on the prompt. The reward if you win is just a spot on the contest winners shelf and congratulations from other writers.

Like Flames mentioned, it’s also great exposure for any participating authors. A lot of people do contests for the fun of a challenge.

I agree with many people here, most writers who have won the contest usually have more experience in writing, and it is probably not their first story. But if you want to take a shot at writing the story, you still should! There are many stories that don’t end up winning the contests but still get attention! :blush: If you have a good idea I’d recommend to just go for it!!!

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That sounds pretty cool! How often do they happen and how can I join the contest?

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They happen every 2-3 months give or take, almost always on the back of another contest. To join the current one, you just create a new story in episode portal and follow the rules listed in the thread here:

Each contest gets their own announcement thread and their own winners thread.

So while most of the rules stay the same for every contest, something like this is particular to the prompt:

Your story should center around 4 or more main characters. There can be a main character for the reader to be, but the story should focus on the group. This is an all genre contest.

It’s possible but extremely difficult, not so much because you don’t have a following (because it’s definitely possible for “unknown” authors with very few reads to win! I was one of them), but because the coding is so hard! When you enter a contest, you’re up against seasoned Episode writers all bringing their A game. If you’re new to Episode and haven’t directed a story before, you’re likely going to struggle a little just because the initial learning curve is so steep.


Woah, thank you so much!! Is that contest happening right now? Do you have any idea when it ends? Might be interested in joining!

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This thread has my head turning 0-0

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