Is there a decision template, not a customization temp a choice one, if that make sense?

Like when you want to put a decision template example: what would you like to do:

kiss him
don’t kiss him
eww, no he’s gross!

that kind, like can this kind of template be put in the template section in the writers portal that way people wouldn’t have search for this kind of template. If it is one there I didn’t see it, all the display shows that scene where the dude is holding the girl up in the air from the movie Dirty dancing! If that kind of template is there, what is the name of it so I’ll know for future reference? Or they can induct Dara Amerie’s templates in there, found that she has good templates!

You mean like a regular choice?

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Yes, You have good templates, simple easy to input, it would be a plus if they induct your template in the template choice section, I feel it would be easier for the writer.

I used your customization and choice templates on my very first story and for me being a beginner, I found your templates very ease to use.

I mean I’m still a beginner, I am almost finished my second story, but I’ve gotten a lot better with the coding. I got help from some nice people on here and tutorials! Inputting your templates I didn’t have any problem with.

If you type ‘choice’ into the portal, the option to input the template will pop up in the dropdown menu.

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