Is there a glitch with the trending section?

Please tell me im not the only one who notices it. and im really annoyed by it.

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Send a screenshot.

Oh, you aren’t the only one seeing this. @amberose and I were just discussing it as well. It’s strange, and kind of annoying because a few of the stories are like ‘personal’, I even saw a few where the authors aren’t on the app anymore.

Maybe this is an update to the trending? (I hope not.)


yeah its really annoying because its like dangling something in your face and then taking it away. I want to earn my trending spot not get it because of some glitch.


You’re not the only one annoyed by it, I’m sure there are others :purple_heart:
And I agree, stories should trend fairly-if you work hard, it will pay off. Earn it : )
This is most likely a glitch, and will vanish soon.
I’ve seen a story trend very highly on Episode that needed to improve their grammar and directing-even the author hid their story, not even planning to work on it anymore, I think, yet it was there, trending and I know for sure I was NOT dreaming.
I discussed this with my friend, too :thinking:


Yeah, and it’s happened quite a few times recently, but this is the first time it’s gone on for so long.

my discontinued crap story is getting more reads right now than my real story and im sooo angry right now lmao


There’s definitely a glitch. It’s happened a few times before though and there have been other times when it’s gone on for a while (I think this has been going on all day so far pretty much?).

For once I wish I could trend up. Whenever there is a glitch, I drop to #986934086092 lol but obviously some stories have to glitch into the top 100 :joy:

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i’ve had my stories rank both down and up lol. But this is the first time i’ve actually gained reads from this glitch haha

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