Is there a glitch?

I’m missing freckles on My character. Is there some type of glitch on what we can add to our characters? I need the freckles and nose stud to both be on her face.

In the first picture, only the freckles are on her face. In the second picture, the nose stud is on her face. Why aren’t both of them on her face? This started happening yesterday, I don’t know how to fix this and tried reloading multiple times. Help is needed! Please and Thank you :blush:

I don’t think you can have both the freckles and the nose stud :confused:

I did before, I just don’t know why it’s not working now…

i just put both the freckles and nose stud, but only the freckles show up

Yeah, but 2 days ago I was able to have both I guess I can’t anymore? Anyway, thanks for the help!

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yeah im not sure how you did that lmao, but no problem ig :joy:

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Lol unfortunately you can’t have both. There’s also some tattoos that don’t show up if you put

Okay thanks!