Is there a good episode genre?


(I’m super sorry if this is in the wrong spot)
So I’m new to episode and I really want to start a story but I don’t know what type of genre people are wanting to read so if you’d like please vote on the list which one you’d enjoy reading. I’ll be collecting the answers by may 5th.

  • Horror
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Action
  • Drama


I honestly got to say Action and Drama are my top two favorite. So I recommend one of those.


comedy,romance,drama,action.and mystery


Are you making a story






My personal favorite genres are horror and mystery.


Romance & comedy is what I love


I’m a fan of horror and though it’s not on the list thriller as well (I guess that counts as a vote for suspense?)


Yeah I was debating whether or not to add thriller because I love Horror and Thriller aswell.


My favourite genres are Horror,thriller(Suspence) and Mystery.


My favorite genres are Thriller Mystery Fantasy and Romance


I personally Like a Good Drama or Romance Story


My favourite is horror but believe me…the most popular genre is romance


I love mystery, comedy, and adventure the best!


Fantasy :mermaid:t4:


Fantasy & action


But sometimes it’s more fun and exsiting when you blend them


You can mix the genres together.
Put some drama or action or romance.
Mix it.


action and comedy