Is there a limit on how long each episode should be?

Hi! So I am currently working on my first every story and I was wondering if there was a limit on how many lines it should be in a script? I don’t want my script to be way too long to publish.

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I’ve heard the maximum number of lines you can use is 18,000. There is really no set number of lines to use because we all space and code differently. I say chapters that take more than 20 minutes to read are a bit to long.


You can’t post a chapter shorter than 400 lines.
In the guide, It’s recommended to have 2000 lines for the first 3 chapters. But, I feel that’s a bit too long.
I would say do as you want. It’s your story.
However, I would suggest making it longer than 1000 lines though. Just use discretion.

Readers will tell you if it’s too long or short.
It also depends on the info you want to reveal in each episode. That will dictate how long or short the episode is.


I like to average mine to about 10-15 minutes max (no more no less). It seems to fit right in with average attention span. Too short is annoying and too long is tiring.

I find how long my chapters are by reading as if I were a new reader and going through the whole chapter while a stopwatch is running.

10 minutes for my style of writing is about 1500 lines and 15 minutes is about 2300 lines.


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I don’t care about the length as long as it serves the story. Most of the episodes I’ve read are (pardon me, potential writer) way too long for such a lackluster performance story-wise.


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