Is there a new limelight update? HELP!

Is there a limelight update? I had just used a female customization for limelight and I was about to use a male. But the skin tones kept having errors. So i decided to check it out. So apparently now for example the skin tone Beige Gold is now called Rose 01 like what? I was wondering if anyone has yet to make a customization template for this. If you do please send me the link.

Seems like they just updated it and it is causing errors and customization to change for my readers while they are playing :confused:

The same happened to me, my story is already published and I’m afraid my readers will have errors!

Yeah… I put a topic for it in bugs. I seriously got like 2 dms and 3 fanmails within like 10 min. Sooo… It like is erasing noses and stuff.

Yeah, I just looked at it and now all my characters are different skin tones. I’m just wondering if they are live to the readers on the app. I hope not because now they’re all messed up.

I know! It needs to be fixed asap or at least a new template has to be made!

They are to my readers and I updated yesterday and it’s seeming to effect people in random parts of my story.

Sorry I wish I had better news on that front.

Ah. dammit! Now I’m gonna have to update my story :roll_eyes: I don’t know why they didn’t at least inform us when they were gonna do it.

Yeah I just read the official post it sounds like if we have an old template nothing should change so I guess it’s just buggy. Below is the post for reference.

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They’ve updated it again! There are templates in the ‘Script Templates’ for male and female customization