Is there a point in someone telling you that they don’t like on something you make?

Like the title says is there really a point in that?
Like you designed a dress and you really like it but the someone says they don’t like it at all?
Is it criticizing or plain rude?
I’m not sure… does anyone know something about it?


Honestly that’s just an opinion. It doesn’t really have a point if they don’t explain why and how you can improve I guess. I personally am not going to allow people to critique my art and things because I like my style and I don’t want someone lowering my self esteem.


Well I’d appreciate if they’d give ways that I can make it better, if they cant I’m not listening I’ll just keep doing it the way I originally did. :woman_shrugging:t4:


It depends on the way they say it, really

If someone is like:
“Eeeww I don’t like that, burn it” <—That’s rude

But if someone says:
“No offence but, I don’t like it. Maybe you could…” <— That’s advice

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Yep that’s what I would do too.:clap:t5:

Thank you I was really confused with advice and rudeness.

It’s kinda rude, but if they gave you constructive criticism and were like yeah the seams are kind of uneven or the dress is kinda short here or something that you can fix, then that should be totally fine. Vs if someone is like that dress is ugl, that’s just plain rude.


No problem :two_hearts:

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NOT RUDE :point_right: if you asked for their opinion or your ''thing" being given an opinion about is something meant to be public

RUDE :point_right: if it is a thing that is personal and no opinion was asked


It would stop being an opinion when they Demand you to change something because it’s “ugly” .

Like,no. Because it’s ugly in your eyes isn’t enough advice for me to change it .

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I can’t even answer tho question without answering this question :joy:

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Yes exactly!
She was like “I don’t like your new way of style.” So I was pretty confuse…

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