Is there a possible way to have the shush face in the beginning?

Alright, so I’ve seen in like several stories that have a character and they do the shush face right away, like instant right at the beginning of a new scene and I got confused on how is that possible? No, the author didn’t zoom on something else and then zoomed on the character, it was something, and I bet it probably had to do with the script unless they did the character as an Overlay?

While I am here trying to figure it out but the only thing I can do is that there is a pause and then the Character does the face? I am a bit confused.

Can someone explain this to me? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Check out: HOW TO: Get The End of An Animation


So, basically, I need to create a clone of the Character and add it?

Yep :smile:

But, how would it work if there is no speech and just goes directly to the animation? Or, you will need a speech for it to work?

You don’t need dialogue, you just need a short time interval in the beginning because your duplicate CHAR needs to do the animation in order to get the end of it.

Okay, so I am confused now-


&TEACHER2 changes into TEACHER_default

&TEACHER2 spot 0.300 300 300 THEN TEACHER2 faces left AND TEACHER2 is shush
&TEACHER spot 1.209 170 76 THEN TEACHER faces left AND TEACHER is idle

@pause for 0.4

&zoom on 156 404 to 181% in 0.4

@remove TEACHER THEN TEACHER2 spot 1.209 170 76
TEACHER2 (talk_neutral)
Jamal, step outside really quick.

Should be:

&TEACHER2 spot 0.300 300 300 in zone 4 THEN TEACHER2 faces left AND TEACHER2 is shush

You need to put the teacher offscreen so the readers can’t see them.

I apologize if I am asking too many questions, but what do you mean by a short time interval, basically pause?

I mean the time that they’re doing the animation for. You need to let them finish doing the animation so you get the end of it and then you can place them on the screen.

Oh, thank you so much! It worked! :hugs::sparkling_heart:

No problem :nerd_face: :balloon:

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