Is there a specific date for 'the last 60 days' total reads?


So I was thinking, if they say the last 60 days do they have a specific date when the total reads these months will reset to 0?

Like for example.

30 November 2020: 50k reads
a week later
6 december 2020: 0k reads (because of the reset)
7 December 2020: 5k reads
And so on…

What date are the 60 days ending, is it the first date of the month or?

Many questions :joy:

60 days that means

That means when you get 11 reads on Day 1 and reach Day 61 they 11 will no longer be conuted.

Evry Day is Day 1 and Day 60, there are no dates

Owh, so to make it clear.

Every day could be the 61ste day, and the number will reset to 0. Alright haha unfortunately that there’s no specific date.

But thanks! :slight_smile:

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No it never re set to zero, unleash you dont get 0 reads in 60 days,

It countd from evry Day the last 60 days. If you gotten ,

If you get 10 reads on Day 1, then in Day two you get 20. then 60 days goes and you get 200 more, then you have 230 on Day 60, but then on Day 61 its 220, then on Day 62 you gain five reads more, then you have 205