Is there a way for a character to walk and do a different animation?

I’m trying to make a scene where a charcter enters from a spot and walks to her spot while doing walk_exhausted_loop but im trying to make her like walk and think. if that makes sense. can someone help me please?


Wouldn’t u just add “and character starts (animation)”

Do you mean you want her to walk exhausted while doing a thinking animation? Or did you want her to walk and do a thinking dialogue?

omg why did i put think. i mean like my character is waking exhausted and theirs a think speech bubble that says “it’s to early” but i don’t want her to stop just walk exhausted and think that while she still moving

You would use the & sign for the character walking so that she walks at the same time the thought bubble pops up

&CHARACTER walks to spot ------ and CHARACTER does it while walk_exhausted

(Thought speech here)

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tysm it worked!

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